Canada at War – A Graphic History of World War Two

There’s a great new book that would make a good introduction to older students on Canada’s role in World War Two.  Entitled “Canada at War – A Pictorial History of World War Two”, it’s written by Paul Keery and illustrated by Michael Watt, D&M Publishers Inc.

 “In graphic-novel format, illustrated in full colour, Canada at War documents the growth of a nation’s army, navy and air force through movingly depicted triumphs and tragedies.  From the disheartening losses at Dieppe and Hong Kong through the Battle of the Atlantic and the invasion of Sicily, it uncovers the human dimension of the key battles and decisions that swung the war in the Allies’ favour.

 This poignant account ends, after the victories of D-Day and Juno Beach and the liberation of Europe, with a reckoning of the legacy the war years have had on this country.  Aimed at both adult and young adult readers, it tells the true stories behind some of this country’s most definitive military moments.”